White Hamburger Breads

A couple of months ago I posted my take on completely homemade hamburgers, where I baked the breads and minced/seasoned the meat myself. It was a lot of fun, and although I don’t… Continue reading

French Chocolate Cake

This recipe is adapted from Manuela’s cookbook ”Love, Manuela”. You can also find it in her blog. Both the book and her blog are in Norwegian. I looked at this recipe in the… Continue reading

Chicken marinade

This recipe is good for any part of the chicken that has skin on it. I used chicken thighs this time, but the same recipe can be used for wings and drumsticks!  … Continue reading

Oreo cake

Back when I started learning to bake, my knowledge of the topic and the range of possibilities was really low. It happened a few times that a friend would explain to me this… Continue reading


I always thought bagels looked fabulous, but I’ve only tried it a couple of times in my life. I vaguely remember my dad making a batch some years back. I was so fascinated… Continue reading

Chocolate cake

Here comes another chocolate cake! It was a lot more work than the previous one I uploaded, but definitely worth it. What’s important here is to start with the topping, as it needs… Continue reading

Basic Scones

I didn’t like scones when I was little. I’ve later figured out that it must have been because I always tried them with butter and with all the butter that’s already in the… Continue reading

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

I decided to make some lovely chocolate chip oatmeal cookies as a small Sunday treat today. They didn’t come out 100 % perfect because I had problem with my oven, but they are… Continue reading

Making almond flour

While I was in Norway in February I decided to attempt making my own almond flour. After watching countless of videos and reading countless of tutorials about the best way of doing so,… Continue reading

Chocolate cake

First off: I’m in Norway! That means I’m using a mac, and I truly have no idea about how to use the blog client I’m writing in right now, so I hope this… Continue reading

Chocolate macarons

Today I had my first serious take on macarons. In this first go I decided to mostly focus on learning the recipe, than on their beauty. This was mostly because I’m out of… Continue reading

Homemade Hamburgers

This Saturday I decided to make hamburgers from scratch. I usually don’t buy finished burgers anyway, but I always buy already minced meat for them. This time I even minced it myself in… Continue reading

Today’s dinner

Today I served the Norwegian traditional winter/Christmas dinner “Pinnekjøtt”. It’s a very strong lamb dish made out of lamb ribs. You buy the meat dried, then soak it in room temperatured water for… Continue reading

Chocolate cake with mocca cream topping

For the collective birthday dinner for my boyfriend and his father I made a quite basic chocolate with mocca cream. It turned out really delicious! The chocolate cake recipe comes from my mother,… Continue reading

Basic Sponge Cake

I often hear people talking about how difficult they imagine making marzipan cakes etc. is, but it is really really simple. If it’s the marzipan lid you’re scared of making yourself, you can … Continue reading

Zerg cake decor

(Click here for the recipe) For my boyfriend’s birthday this Friday I made a marzipan cake (basic sponge cake base with vanilla cream inside, covered with whipped cream and a marzipan lid). This… Continue reading


Today I made my first attempt ever on baking a Zopf, and it went quite well. Zopf or Butterzopf is a Swiss traditional white bread, made with a standard yeast dough, except that… Continue reading

A favourite

Today I would like to present you with one of my favourite cookie recipes: Oat Meal Cookies! These are extremely simple to do, the only challenge is not to burn them, but that’s… Continue reading

A new passion

Over the past couple of years, a new passion has arisen within me. It came a bit unexpected, as I have always been one of the pickiest people I know, but suddenly food… Continue reading