A new passion

Over the past couple of years, a new passion has arisen within me. It came a bit unexpected, as I have always been one of the pickiest people I know, but suddenly food became something more than just what I put in my mouth in order to survive. Trying out new things suddenly was exciting and doing it myself even more so.

Due to a series of current events (watching the inspirational movie Julie&Julia and receiving a KitchenAid for Christmas from my parents) I suddenly got the urge to start a food/baking blog.

I have tried blogging many times before, but I have mostly had more general blogs where I would talk about anything. This time I will mostly stick to the topic of baking, and hopefully that will make it easier for me to keep updating frequently.

Up until now I have mostly traveled the lands of pastries and other baked goods, and thus that is what this blog will mainly cover. It must however be mentioned that my interests for other areas of cooking are also increasing, and there is a high possibility that dinners and fingerfood slowly also with reach my blog.

So for those who do not know me: Hello, I am Juno, or at least that’s what I go by online. I am a Norwegian girl situated in Switzerland, hoping to start on her psychology studies this fall. Currently I am learning German.

So to start, here is a picture used as a Christmas card for the customers of my boyfriend’s mother: Ginger bread cookies with white/pink icing and an important message!