Today I made my first attempt ever on baking a Zopf, and it went quite well. Zopf or Butterzopf is a Swiss traditional white bread, made with a standard yeast dough, except that you only soften the butter and add it to the flour instead of melting it and adding it to the milk. They also have a specific way of shaping it, like making a braid.

_DSC0626 (Small)

As it was only for me and my boyfriend I halved the recipe that was on the bag of the Zopf flour and sort of concluded that that would make for a small one. After an hour of resting the dough had doubled in size, as expected, and I shaped it into a Zopf bread. What happened then was rather the surprising part. I left the bread to rise for another 30-40 minutes, and when I came back it had almost tripled in size! Now it’s more like a bread for 6 people than one for two. I had never expected it to rise that much the second time, but we’ll hopefully manage to consume most of it anyway. Even though it’s best today, it will also be good tomorrow and ok on the day after.

After some more experimenting I might share a recipe with you. I just don’t feel like this is the thing you upload the first recipe you try of. It’s better to try a few different ones and then I’ll let you all know what I found best!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great time yesterday and wish you all luck in 2012!
Happy new year!

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