Zerg cake decor

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For my boyfriend’s birthday this Friday I made a marzipan cake (basic sponge cake base with vanilla cream inside, covered with whipped cream and a marzipan lid). This is one of my favourite cakes to make, and one of the reasons for this is that you can do pretty much whatever when decorating it. For my boyfriend’s birthday cake I made the symbol of the Zerg out of chocolate. Zerg is a race in the computer game StarCraft II, which my boyfriend and I play. I had never done anything similar before, but I decided that it could impossibly be all that hard and started drawing up a coloured template, just to get an idea of how it would look. I am far from a skilled drawer, but working with only two colours, I figured my skills were sufficient enough.


My original plan was, like on this quick drawing, to do it in dark chocolate and white chocolate coloured purple. However, when I later tried to colour the white chocolate, the chocolate simply got purple spots in it instead of actually changing colour. Having been aware that it maybe would not work the way I hoped, I had only tried to colour a small sample of the white chocolate and was able to use the rest as it was.

I drew up the simple lineart on two pieces of baking paper and made the chocolate decorations directly on top of the drawings (they were mirrored and upside down so that the lead wouldn’t go into the chocolate).


For drawing the pattern I used this clever little decorating thingy with a slim tip. I like it because it is the right size for my hand and allows me to move my wrist naturally.


I started laying the dark chocolate onto the designated areas and used a toothpick to trag the chocolate out into the peaks and even the lines. _DSC0678

I was quite pleased with the result so far. The white chocolate turned out to be a bit more challenging. As the baking paper is white I had some trouble seeing if the lines were even etc. Even after putting them on a black board I still wasn’t able to eliminate the uneven edges.


I was still quite pleased, considering I’ve never done anything like it before. When trying to place one of them on the cake, the first one broke into several pieces. This was however exactly why I had made a second one, and that one managed to get off the baking paper with minor damage.

_DSC0686 (Small)

Having considered to do addotional decorations in marzipan, I figured that now that the cake was white I really enjoyed the simplicity of it.

And yes, it was a lovely cake taste-wise too! I tried something new; sponge-cake stabilizer. I didn’t notice that much difference, but I also barely dared to use any at all. Maybe next time I’ll use a little bit more, just to learn more of the effect.

I’ll blog about the actual cake another time, as it is a cake I make quite often.

Here’s a piece of cake, enjoy it!

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– Juno