Today’s dinner

Today I served the Norwegian traditional winter/Christmas dinner “Pinnekjøtt”. It’s a very strong lamb dish made out of lamb ribs. You buy the meat dried, then soak it in room temperatured water for 30 hours before steaming it for three more. From my dad’s own recipe I’ve also learned to leave them in the oven for 15-20 minutes after the steaming, so that they get a nicer colour and a slightly crisp consistency.

It’s been one of my favourite dishes and one of my many reasons to look forward to Christmas all year (as we only eat it around that time). When going back to Switzerland after the Christmas Holidays I brought with me a pack of this lamb to prepare, and now I finally had the chance to make and serve it.

To serve with it I made carrots, potatoes, brussels sprouts, mashed swedish turnips, yorkshire puddings and “medisterkaker” which are some specially prepared pork meat balls. In Norway we usually buy these “medisterkaker” ready-to-eat, but as I cannot get them in Norway I made them myself (including grinding the meat). It was a lot of fun and tasted delcious! Next time I make them I’ll take pictures along the way and upload a recipe.


Loving confectionaries and desserts as much as I do I couldn’t avoid making a dessert as well despite the very filling main course, so I made these cute chocolate mousse in chocolate bowl desserts. Despite the strawberries not being the best I’ve tasted it at least gave the colour I wished to the course. Next to the mousse I simply had some whipped cream with vanilla sugar and topped it all with cocoa powder. It was great, but this small portion definitely was enough after all we’de eaten!


Hope you had a nice dinner too today! I know I enjoyed mine 😉

– Juno